How to invest in Ether Cash?

Ether Cash is the crypto casino coin: the gambling token of the Ethereum network.

– Ether Cash(ESH) max supply is 8,888,888.
– Right now you can buy 100 ESH for 1 ETH(the price for 1,000,000ESH).

– 1 Ether(ETH) = 100 Ether Cash(ESH)
– 1 Ether Cash(ESH) = 0.01 Ether(ETH)
If you want to invest and buy Ether Cash(ESH), you have to send Ether(ETH) from your personal Ether wallet(No exchange wallets) to this Ether wallet address:


Why a crypto casino coin?

For several years now, the online gaming industry has been engaged in an evolution, through which, when all is said and done, the nature of transactions may have completely changed. It is the era of crypto casinos, and it is quite likely that all of the casinos one can find will be in on it sooner or later.

Transactions are conducted through blockchain technology on a peer-to-peer basis, which is part of the attraction for those who are looking for privacy as a primary consideration.

The transactions are more or less instantaneous, thus cutting out a lot of the headache, and there is peace of mind in that they require no third-party involvement. Because of this, they can be facilitated with very minimal transaction fees, or no fees at all.

Another thing that is attractive is that no third parties need to know how you are. And one component of opening up accounts using this currency is that no one needs to know where you are either, which should be of particular interest to U.S.-based players. Crypto casinos are often able to offer their customers a number of creative bonuses for making deposits in that manner, and this has proven to be a very popular selling point.